Okta and Single Sign On (SSO) Options

Catapult Learning will be moving to Okta to streamline access to the applications we all use on a regular basis, as well as to help protect and keep our systems secure.   Certain apps will ask you to login once prior to allowing SSO.  These are usually apps not managed by Catapult Learning but do allow for SSO.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at help@fullbloom.org


Setting Up SSO for Apps:

Any app that requires an initial login to enable SSO will ask you to login one time. 

1.  A popup will show asking for the username and password of the app.

2.  Enter your username and password, and click sign in.  Note, if you use a different password management system such as lastpass, it will try to enter you Okta password.  Be sure to enter your password for that website!

3.  Okta will ask you if you were able to get logged in, if you did, click yes, otherwise, click no and you can try again.

4.  You will not need to enter the username or password again, Okta will take care of it for you!

5.  If you use a different browser, you may need to click the Sign in with Clever link.  This will depend on the browser and website.